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NOVEMBER 4, 2009





PHRF Information

From time to time there has been correspondence on the Aloha List discussion group about PHRF (Performance Handicap Rating Fleet) ratings for the Alohas, and in particular the values that appear on the Specification pages of this website.

One of the difficulties with PHRF ratings is that although they all derive from similar principles, sailing clubs often apply their own adjustments to account for local conditions, features and modifications to specific boats in their fleet, etc.  Consequently, there are many lists posted on the internet but comparing values from different lists is not always satisfactory. Whilst researching some PHRF information recently we came across two particularly useful web-sites that contain PHRF information.

The first is the PHRF Lake Ontario site which includes clear explanations of how PHRF ratings are calculated and applied (see their "What is PHRF?" and "PHRF Primer" articles). In the past, this site also had the most extensive "List of standard boat ratings" that we'd seen anywhere including all the Aloha models and with separate ratings with Spinnaker (SP) and with No Flying Sails (NFS). Unfortunately, these now seem to be in a "members only" area and no longer accessible. However, the values formerly listed there are the ones used on our Specification pages, so that they all come from the same source. 

The second useful site is an Average Boat Speed Calculator which calculates a hypothetical average speed based on PHRF rating around an upwind/downwind course in a 10 knot breeze with calm seas (see the site itself for a more detailed description). The beauty of this is that it allows you to see in simple speed terms what the effect of PHRF ratings is - the half-knot difference in boat speed between a boat rated at 144 (average 5.86 knots) and rated at 231 (5.21 knots) is probably MUCH smaller than most people would expect.

Using the PHRF ratings from the first site and the calculator from the second site (and to save everyone doing it again!) we've looked up and calculated the following values for the Aloha models:

Aloha PHRF Ratings & Average Speeds

Model SP/NFS PHRF Average Speed
(see above)
27 Inboard No Flying Sails 231 5.21
27 Inboard Spinnaker 213 5.33
27 Outboard No Flying Sails 219 5.29
27 Outboard Spinnaker 201 5.41
28 No Flying Sails 201 5.41
28 Spinnaker 183 5.55
30 No Flying Sails 156 5.76
30 Spinnaker 144 5.86
32 No Flying Sails 189 5.50
32 Spinnaker 171 5.64
34 No Flying Sails 165 5.69
34 Spinnaker 147 5.84

Last updated  13 January, 2006 - Aloha Owners Association